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in human-centred thinking

  • Learn all the psychological techniques, tools and models that behavioural designers use to influence behaviour
  • Next edition: Wednesday 26th of April & Wednesday 3rd of May
  • Later edition: Friday 19th of May & Saturday 20th of May
  • Located in the centre of Amsterdam
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In 2 intensive days, you'll master all the necessary skills, methods, tools and processes to implement human-centred business, change and marketing strategies in your own organisation.
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For who

If your job is to develop and implement strategies and ideas that have an impact on behaviour, then this is the perfect training for you.


Master classes are taught by senior practitioners. You’ll learn 100% actionable skills you can put to use right away. Masterclasses are mixed with workshops to ensure a maximum learning curve. In our 2 days together, you will work on a behavioural design strategy with other participants.

Upcoming Classes

Wed, April 26 – Wed, May 3
20 spots
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Early bird: 2490,- 1990,-
Early bird ends April 16th
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Sat, May 19 – Sat, May 20
20 spots
Tickets sell out fast
Early bird: 2490,- 1990,-
Early bird ends May 7th
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I liked the mixture of theory and practice and the meaningful conversations with peers and teachers in a relaxed atmosphere.”


Digital Strategist and co-founder at We Are Blossom. Blogger at

It exceeded my expectations, because I took a leap into another world. I fell in love with the problem.”


Partner Force451 Creative communication & Strategy

What is the program?

2 full days consisting of 5 high-end master classes
(lunch, snacks & drinks included)

Master class 1:


Understand human decision-making and how behaviour might be the key to solving a problem.

Understand System 1 and System 2 thinking, mental heuristics and cognitive biases

Work with jobs-to-be-done and the Influence Framework

After this master class you will:

Have a deep insight and understanding of human
psychology of your employees or customers in your market

Be able to see a behavioural design challenge in every problem you are trying to solve

Master class 2:


Know how to research and interpret people’s behaviour to find opportunities in your users needs, wants and barriers.

Get familiar with research methods to gain human-centred insights

Use customer journeys and the Influence Framework to find key insights

After this master class you will:

Know how to gather information about your customer’s current behaviour

Understand strengths and barriers of desired behaviour

Get to apply Behavioural Design principles to spot opportunities and develop strategies to influence behaviour

Master class 3:


How to use persuasive tactics to come up with ideas and strategies that
nudge behaviour in a predictable way.

Learn to work with the B.J. Fogg Persuasion model: Motivation, Ability, Triggers

Get an overview of the most important persuasion principles: Framing, Reciprocity, Social Proof, and more.

After this master class you will:

Master the Behaviour Model to come up with Behaviour changing ideas

Know how to use psychological principles to persuade people

Never be a victim of the psychological tactics that others apply

Master class 4:


How to build audiences,
convert them to customers and develop a human-centred brand strategy.

Learn how to think in different stages of your customers journey

Master the skill to design the right intervention at the right moment

Get introduced to Nir Eyal’s Hook Model

Master the science behind “How Brands Grow”

After this master class you will:

Understand the skills, techniques and principles behind conversion

Be able to develop strategies that form habits

Be able to develop a brand strategy that actually leads to customer behaviours and business growth

Be able to smell branding bullshit and be able to fight it with scientific arguments

Master class 5:


How to prototype, test and analyze strategies and convince others of them.

Learn how to develop strategies through rapid prototyping

Get acquainted with specific cognitive biases that occur when pitching an idea

After this master class you will:

Be able to create prototypes and test your smart assumptions

Be able to boost efficiency and creativity

Always pitch an idea successfully using behavioural psychology

The Behavioural Design Academy™ teaches the art and science of influence.

  • Learn all the psychological techniques, tools and models that behavioural designers use to influence behaviour
  • Learn how to put them into practice in your company right away
  • Get feedback from the best people in the business
  • No design skills required
  • The academy is open to international students. In case of all Dutch applicants, master classes will be taught in Dutch. Otherwise, master classes are in English. All materials are in English.

I think it opens up a whole new door to your way of working. Human centred thinking is da shit!”


Creative Director & Partner Force451

Behavioural Design Academy gave me a theoretical framework to prove me right and, more often, to prove me very wrong.”


Head of Playful Research, SPACE10 Copenhagen

What is the pricing?

We have three pricing plans (prices are exclusive of VAT)


Or 5 monthly payments of 498,-
  • 2 intensive full days
  • 6 best seller books
    + course material
  • Lunch, snacks and drinks
  • Review and coaching
  • Certificate
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Early Bird*


Or 5 monthly payments of 398,-
  • 2 intensive full days
  • 6 best seller books
    + course material
  • Lunch, snacks and drinks
  • Review and coaching
  • Certificate
  • € 500,- reduction
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* Ends April 16th & May 7th
** Price excl. VAT
Colleague Plan


Or 5 monthly payments of 418,-
  • 2 intensive full days
  • 6 best seller books
    + course material
  • Lunch, snacks and drinks
  • Review and coaching
  • Certificate
  • € 400,- reduction p.p.
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* When three or more colleagues subscribe, you are eligible for this plan. Max of 5 people.
** Price excl. VAT

These books are included

You'll receive these 6 essential books at the beginning of the course
(Worth €155,-)

Who are the teachers?

Meet our team of experts
Tom de Bruyne
founder SUE Amsterdam
Jorn Craeghs
Director academy
Astrid Groenewegen
founder SUE Amsterdam

It is a really thrilling introduction into Behavioural design, allowing us to develop habit changing marketing programs easily.”


Marketing Director Iglo Netherlands

The BDA disrupts the generally established ideas about marketing and communications completely, and replaces them by substantiated alternative ideas you can apply directly.”


Head communication municipality Apeldoorn

Where is the academy located?

How do I get there?

Behavioural Design Academy™
's-Gravenhekje 1a
1011TG Amsterdam

The Behavioural Design Academy™ is located at the West-Indian Company Warehouse, which is:

  • A 10 minute walk from Amsterdam CS
  • Parking facilities at walking distance
  • Next to the IJtunnel to get out of the city in no time
  • High quality food and drinks are all included

These are some of our credentials

We've been teaching our behavioural design thinking for clients and on conferences such as
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